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Did you know:

– Approximately 50% of diabetic patients have nerve problems in their feet.
– Diabetics are at high risk for vision problems because of their disease.
– Nerve problems in the diabetic patient are the number one cause in the United States
for wounds, infections and non-traumatic amputations.
– Diabetes affects over 29 million people in the United States (one third of which are
unaware of their disease).
– 7-9 years is the length of time a person in the United States has diabetes before they
are diagnosed.
– 15% of the people with diabetes will develop an ulcer.
– Approximately 20% of the patients who develop an ulcer will require an amputation.
– At 5 years after an amputation, the mortality rate is approximately 50%.
– African Americans and Hispanics suffer 2-3 times greater rate of wounds, infections,
and amputations in the United States.
– After a diabetic wound has healed, the structural integrity of that area of the skin is
weakened by approximately 20%.
– The number one indicator if a diabetic will develop a wound in the future is if they
have had one in the past.
– Approximately 82,000 amputations occur on diabetics in the United States each year.
– The vast majority of wounds, infections, and amputations in the diabetic patient are
– Education and early screening of the diabetic patient is critical in keeping the diabetic
patient healthy and prevents the vast majority of catastrophic complications.
– Early identification of the diabetic high risk foot is critical to a diabetic’s health.
– A diabetic should never self-treat a foot problem (especially of the toenail or skin).